Your quietest employee

Your quietest employee

The explosion of websites in the mid-noughties was unlike any other marketing initiative we had seen. At the end of 2018 there were a reported 1.8 billion websites in the world. Of these, less than 200million are active.

You wouldn’t employ 1.6bn employees who weren’t active in their roles so why would you not ensure your website is active and working hard for you?

Creating and building a website is hard work but once it’s complete the work doesn’t stop there. It must continue to be relevant. Investing in your website is just as important as investing in your employees - it is integral to your customer service offering.

Here are a few of our tips to ensure you’re getting the best from your site:

Monthly appraisals

  • How is the site performing? Where are you in google rankings?
  • Review content you’ve added – check your analytics to see where customers are landing and exiting the site
  • How long are your customers on the site? If there’s nothing new, chances are they’ll be on for less than 5 seconds
  • Make sure the site isn’t slowed down with badly optimised images. Yes we all love a great visual but if it makes the site slow, people won’t wait 

Be your customer

  • What do you want to see?  
  • Is the content relevant and informative?
  • Is the content up to date?

Content is fuel

  • If a search engine can’t find relevant, up to date info, it just won’t work for you
  • Remove or update links, add new images or commentary on an industry issue  
  • Position your site as a ‘expert’ in its field
  • Don’t forget to talk about your in-house experts as well – people like to see and hear from real people

It’s Complicated…

  • It’s the simple things in life that people enjoy most
  • Don’t overcomplicate the design or be too clever. A hard to navigate site turns off potential customers
  • Have you done enough research on keywords and phrases? Having an SEO specialist review  these can make a significant difference to performance

All relationships in life need nurtured and your website is no different. Dedicating time and resource to your online offering will ensure that it continues to be mutually beneficial and ultimately, successful.  

If you would like to have a chat about how we can give you some relationship advice on your site, please do get in touch.