Video killed the radio star

Video killed the radio star

Video production has often been perceived as an expensive marketing communication. However, video content can be created in your living room (and may well be until we get back into office life!). Think about YouTube and podcasting – these are easily created and uploaded. The current situation has forced businesses to rethink their marketing plans, but video production is manageable, despite teams working from home. 

We have seen an increase in the production of videos across all business types. Stats are revealing that video appeals to audiences much more than a static image. They are now being seen on landing pages, or as featured videos on the homepage of a business website and are increasingly popular on social media.  

Smaller businesses are dipping their toes in the water with video but now is the time to embrace it as a way to continue engaging with your customers. 

As ever, Team Platinum is here to help you create and produce great video content to appeal to your customers. 

  • Keep it succinct - give the who, what, how and why in a format that is short in length, preferably under 3 minutes. Viewers won’t waste time watching a longer video – especially if they don’t know who you are
  • Ensure there’s a strong call to action. There’s no point expecting people to watch a video without trying to encourage to buy the end product or service. 
  • Address a targeted problem and offer a solution. 
  • Make sure your video is of the best quality that you can create, great videos don’t have to be expensive, they can even be done on your phone. 
  • Keep your brand personality in mind. Ensure that you’re talking to your audience in the right tone of voice and that any styling is reflective of your business. 
  • If you’re using background music, again ensure it is aligned to your brand guidelines and style.

Ready for lift off

One of the more memorable launch videos was created in 1984 to launch the Apple Macintosh. Produced and directed by no less than Sir Ridley Scott, it aired once, during the Superbowl XVIII, and reaped millions in return for the company. That’s some way to launch a product! Now, we’re not all Apple but by choosing the right time to launch a product, you can attract a whole new customer base. Launch videos are brilliant, but you need to make a great first impression so make sure you nail the message and showcase the product to the best of your ability.  

Going Live! 

No, not the 80’s Saturday morning show…. 

Live streamed videos are massively popular and are great for marketing. Think IGTV, Twitter, Facebook and how often you are seeing live streaming on there. Approximately 80% of consumers prefer live video. 

Yes, it can have its risks if something doesn’t quite go to plan, but it also shows your brand to be human and approachable. You can make it into a positive (unless you’re Mercedes launching the A-class back in the 90’s…) and people will feel like they can relate to you. As we’ve mentioned in other articles, consumer trust is at the heart of everything. You can use live streaming to demo a product or give tips – viewers will appreciate seeing a product in action. 

Before you go live, prepare a proper launch plan. Select what channels you will be streaming on – remember the more channels you use, the wider audience you are talking to. Is there an influencer that can take part? By partnering with them, you can promote the video across their channels as well – again appealing to a larger audience. Promote the live stream date prior to it happening using email as well as social media. Don’t forget to make sure the video is available for playback at a later date.

It’s behind you! 

Again, it’s about the human touch. A glimpse behind the scenes is appealing to customers. Give them a tour of the premises, show them the team at work or introduce a key member of the team – it’s all about authenticity. If people can’t physically get to your premises, then it’s a great way to show them how you run the business on a day to day basis. 

Don’t ask us! 

Ask our customers…. 

Written testimonials and case studies on websites are great. But they are even more powerful on video. Selecting a few customers who are happy to share their experience of how your product or service helped them solve a problem or increase sales is video gold. Again, this goes back to trust and authenticity. If potential customers see that others have had a great experience with you, they are far more like to want to do business with you. 

This type of video can be shorter than a launch video. Keep them around 2 minutes and use them sparingly over your website and social media channels. If you have a few testimonial videos, these can be updated regularly so customers can see that your product or service is consistent. 

Champagne on a lemonade budget

Producing a video can be expensive but by working with the right agency to support you, you can create a great video that works for you and your budget.  

If you would like some help and inspiration for creating video, then please give us a (video?!) call.