Keep creativity in design

Keep creativity in design

We like to think that everyone has an element of creativity but how it is executed is the challenge. Having a microwave doesn’t make you a chef.

Clients will often have great ideas that are a starting point for a campaign, but a designer’s job is to make that idea come to life in a way that makes them stand out from the competition. Which, let’s face it, is exactly the competitive edge they are looking for.

Keep creativity in design

We often talk about client collaboration. We love working with clients and discussing projects, hearing their ideas and what they do and don’t like. Good design is when a client feels they are part of the whole process. They need to know their input is useful. If we didn’t ask or care about client input, we’d lose them pretty quickly.

Trusting ideas

As designers, we need to make sure that we always communicate well. Equally as important, we need to do what we’re best at. Designing. We must be better than good at our job, we need to produce quality creative in order for a client to trust that we will take their idea and make it work. Clients will often select an agency based on their style. They will feel that they can relate to it, and it will reflect their brand personality in a positive light.

Client tastes can vary but it is important to remember that personal design taste is very different from designing for a commercial campaign. You may not love a particular colour, but you’re not using it to paint your house. As creatives, it is key to produce objective, rather than subjective, design.


When we land a new design job, there is always much excitement. It’s a new challenge and we relish these. What we will do, is ask the client A LOT of questions. This is a fundamental part of the design process. We want to understand what you want, what you want to say, what you like and don’t like. It means that when we come back with initial concepts there are no nasty surprises. Sometimes we use mood boards where clients have to choose what they like. We also ask them for examples of projects that appeal to them.

For client time and budget, we want to know everything beforehand so when we present our concepts, we’re not faced with a sudden change of direction. Sharing the creative responsibility with you means that we should all be on the same page.

Honesty is the best policy

When it comes to presenting ideas, we will also be flexible and open-minded. However, if we feel that there are key aspects in the campaign that make it work, we will share that with you. Our years of working on various design projects mean that it’s intuitive for us to know what clicks.

Client feedback matters hugely. Sometimes it even inspires us. We will always take feedback into account and consider how we can use that to still deliver quality creative.

In essence, what we’re saying is; we eat, sleep and breathe design. The world around us inspires, as do our clients. We want to produce the best work for you and your campaign so let’s work together to keep the creativity.