MBM Commercial video

MBM Commercial video

The EIE (Engage, Invest, Exploit) virtual conference took place in October this year. As a key sponsor, MBM Commercial is there to help businesses grow. We worked with the team including Managing Partner Stuart Hendry to create a video, discussing the importance, now more than ever, about innovation and opportunity during these turbulent times. 

MBM Commercial are supporting entrepreneurs and investors ensuring they are in a position to support their visions and business plans. Shot within the offices of MBM (and in the middle of a global pandemic), we created a 2 minute video that communicates a simple message – MBM Commercial is committed to supporting entrepreneurs and the economy.

MBM Commercial - EIE2020

MBM Commercial - EIE2021

More recently, they comissioned us to produce a series of case study videos where we interview their clients about the benefits of working with MBM Commercial. With some careful planning and an approved script, we visited MBM Commercials' clients on location and the final video edits can be viewed below.

MBM Commercial - Celtic Renewables

MBM Commercial - Invizius