A missed opportunity?

A missed opportunity?

Have pen, will travel. Think about it, how many times have you been given a pen by a supplier or client? Or how many times have you inadvertently picked up a pen and popped it in your pocket after using it? Not in a kleptomaniac sort of a way – but more as it’s an automatic reaction.

Promotional items have been given a bit of a bad rep over the years’, but Team PG would argue that they can be a very cost-effective way of engaging with potential clients – if they’re done well. Whether it’s a global finance house or a small start-up; promotional products should always be included in a marketing budget as another channel to attract customers.

According to BPMA Industry Research into promotional items:

  • 66% of participants stated that they were still aware of the brand who sent the promotional gift a year later
  • 79% of people agreed that they were likely to work with that business again in the future
  • 84% of respondents said that a branded promotional product effectively increased their brand awareness
  • 56% stated that receiving a promotional item made their opinion of the brand in question more favourable
  • 63% of people who took part decided that they would rather receive a promotional gift which was branded.

These figures lay emphasis on the significance of promotional products for marketing and brand recognition.

Getting it right

Getting it right is crucial. Make sure the packaging is interesting and of the best quality your budget can afford. Your logo and brand must be prominent and entice the customer to the business.

Selecting a product that has a shelf-life helps to keep customers engaged. Think about items that people use daily - pens, calendars, mouse mats, umbrellas, water bottles, lip balms etc. If the product is supporting a particular campaign, then you can be as creative as you like. However, make sure you select items that are not only useful but unique and of high quality for a broader impact.

Here’s our tips on why we think you need to talk to us about including promotional items in your marketing plan and budget:

Cost Effective Marketing

Promotional items tend to be sent on a mass distribution scale. So even if you are a start-up, there’s a product that can work effectively for you in terms of reach and budget.

Mugs are a particularly effective product as people use these on a daily basis. They sit on desks, are used in client or staff meetings – and generally most people can recall the message on a mug. This delivers great value for your investment.

Brand Recognition

We all know the Starbucks logo and the Nike ‘swoosh’ – it’s instantly recognisable. It’s the Holy Grail for marketeers.

A promotional product helps clients to remember and recognise your business. This is one of the key reasons to distribute promotional items. As per the stat earlier in the article - 66% of participants stated that they were still aware of the brand who sent the promotional gift a year later. We can’t promise to turn you into an instant mega-brand, but we’ll definitely help you on your way!

Depending on the type of promo item you give away it may well sit in their home, office or car for a significant period of time, giving it longevity as well as brand awareness.

Better than a business card

While your business card is an introduction to customers, promo products also function more or less in the same way but with better results. When you distribute the products related to your business and industry, you are actually introducing your business to potential consumers.

Remember the promotional giveaways also have your contact information just as business cards have. Branding here is key and being clever with images and/or straplines can create a lasting impression.

Using products as part of an overall campaign doesn’t preclude them from being used on social media. QR codes can be printed on waterbottles and hashtags can be printed on t-shirts.

Giving thought to how they can complement a campaign will again increase customer engagement and brand recognition.

Creating Customer Loyalty

The gift of giving. Think about when you get a gift – no matter how small.  How does it make you feel? It creates goodwill and has the potential to create brand loyalty. Think about how many pens you’ve been given over the years; you’ll have a preferred one – does that mean you prefer that company because they took the time to choose a higher quality product?  Most likely. People associate premium quality promotional items with your quality of business. This is fundamental if you want your products to have impact.  

We’ve worked with many companies, helping them to choose the right promotional item for their campaign and we’d be delighted to share them with you. Get in touch and let’s get creative.