Marketing in a crisis

Marketing in a crisis

Pandemic. Global crisis. Self-isolation. These are powerful words. We’re in unprecedented times. However, in these challenging times, we are seeing great human spirit and positivity. This is what we need to focus on. Helping each other until we get through this.

It’s at times like these, that despite having a marketing strategy and budget in place for the year ahead, businesses are thrown into complete disarray. With many companies being forced to temporarily close their doors and furlough staff, marketing is the last thing on their mind.

However, we are seeing many businesses adapting their offering in an effort to keep continuity in place and people in their jobs.

It’s inevitable that some businesses may not be able to weather the storm but the ones that can steady the ship in these unchartered waters are and will evolve. Being creative in the face of adversity is a basic human instinct and if we can apply that to any business, we’ll get through the rough times ahead.

Creativity is in our DNA. Brainstorming new ideas at times like these can prove to be effective. If you have a team working from home, set up a team FaceTime brainstorming session to discuss how best to communicate with existing customers or even attract new customers. Despite the global crisis being beyond your companies’ control, use the time wisely to assess the following;

Brand - Consider if your brand is still as fresh as the day you set up. Is the company name still relevant? Even just evolving the font within your logo or modifying the colour palette to become more contemporary can re-invigorate the whole company and can give staff a renewed sense of purpose.

Website - Is your website performing as well as it could be? Is the content still relevant? Is your website being found and is your metadata up to date? Online sales are on the increase so make sure your website isn’t left behind. 

E-Marketing - Review your e-marketing without overloading your customers inbox with sales messages. Let them know your plans for the future, keep them engaged and how they can get in touch if you’re working remotely. 

New Technology or Channels - Consider new technology to assist your business like a YouTube channel. Give customers advice or tutorials online while social and travel restrictions are in place. Hold virtual meetings via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. This is the time to explore all options.

No one can predict the future, but we all need to embrace the challenge - innovating and staying as creative as possible. 

We’re here to chat through any potential ideas you have and would be delighted to help. Give us a call on 0131 343 2007 and we’ll get your creative juices flowing. 

We’ll get through this together.