Designer versus DIY

Designer versus DIY

“A logo? Why do I need to pay a designer to create a logo? It only takes 5 minutes. I can save money and do it myself.”

Yikes! We’ve heard this a lot over the years. Just as well we’re not sensitive souls here at Platinum HQ. It’s a bit like deciding to build your own car. Yes, you can get a kit to do it but it’s not going to perform like a professionally built one and is likely to do you some damage!

Designers aren’t just designers. They’re experienced project managers, investigators and researchers as well. Their knowledge and expertise are to be used to ensure that your business makes the impact you need on the customers that you want. A logo gets about quite a lot – it’s on your website, social media channels and various other pieces of marketing collateral. And it’s representing you and your business.

Need further convincing? Read on to discover why using a professional designer will give you a greater chance of success…

They’re PI’s – Professional investigators

When we talk to clients about a new logo, they often have a specific idea, based on what they like. Our job is to ask objective questions about their customers and how they are to be targeted. What industries are being targeted? What are the demographics of their customers and what buying behaviours do they display? The customer journey is fundamental in the success of your business, whether they are new or existing customers.

An understanding of a business and the target audience are the building blocks for creating a logo that is effective and will stand the test of time.

Competitor research is also vital in this situation. An experienced designer will also take the time to examine your competitors so you can stand apart from them.

The Dieter Directive

Design legend Dieter Rams created the 10 principles of good design. Despite it being over 50 years ago, they are still relevant today, as any good designer will tell you

According to Dieter Rams, good design:

  • Is innovative
  • Makes a product useful
  • Is aesthetic
  • Makes a product understandable
  • Is unobtrusive
  • Is honest
  • Is long-lasting
  • Is thorough down to the last detail
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Involves as little design as possible

Working with a designer who understands and appreciates these principles will result in the creation of logo that is memorable and effective.

Visibility is vital

Standing out in a crowded marketplace is getting harder. However, by using exceptional design, you instantly differentiate yourself. Mediocre design will not cut it – you’ll have no chance of being noticed (or taken seriously). 

Designers dig deep

Logo development doesn’t just happen. Adidas haven’t spent millions evolving and creating a global brand because they felt like it. They understand the value of good, impactful design. It takes a lot of work to develop the ideal logo, researching the perfect colours and selecting the right fonts. Selecting the proper typefaces, size, and style is crucial for developing your brand identity. Fonts are a reflection of your company - much like the clothes you wear to an important sales meeting. Some fonts are more comparable to suits, while others are more comparable to pyjamas. 

Certain colours can invoke certain responses. Designers know that marketers should use those principles in their branding to help convey quality or a different message. How do we know what colour will work on a particular campaign or project? This is where colour psychology kicks in. It’s the relationship between a colour and its meaning.

Fundamentally, colour psychology is the idea that colours, especially our favourite colours, are linked to our personalities. The popularity of this theory has attracted much research over the last few years, the focus of which has been on how our perception of and reaction to, colours can highlight personality traits and impact on the choices we make.

Any designer worth their salt, will understand this and be able to talk to you about what colours will work best for your brand.

Professional pride 

We take your branding to heart. It’s as important to us that your business is a success as it is to you. We do more than just help you with colours, typography, and aesthetics. We’re there for you for the long haul to support you and your business.


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