2020 Design predictions

2020 Design predictions

Without mentioning the ‘C’ word, we’re counting down to 2020. 2019 has been a great year for TeamPG and we’ve worked on some new, innovative projects.

We don’t like to rest on our laurels as you know, so we spent a bit of time reviewing 2019 trends but also looked forward to 2020. Predicting trends is not an easy task so we did a lot of research based on our, and other designers’ projects.

There is so much amazing design out there, but there are fundamental aspects of design fashion that will form the basis of many design projects. We could list all of them, but we thought we would share our favourite predictions for 2020.

3D depth

What do we mean by 3D depth? Depth perception is defined as “the visual ability to perceive the world in three dimensions (3D) and the distance of an object.” So ultimately, depth in graphic design is the ability to create a sense of dimension and distance within the design. It also brings design to life. Incorporating different design elements and techniques to create a sense of depth, will result in a more engaging aesthetic.

With the advances in modern technology and software capabilities, we will keep seeing more awesome 3D graphic design compositions throughout 2020.

It’s not all black & white

Monochrome has been a staple in the world of design, architecture and fashion forever. Lately, however it has evolved to a point within the world of graphic design, where designers are using a monochrome colour filter on photos or partial elements in graphic composition.

There are definite advantages to a monochrome approach. It’s understated, therefore letting your content be the focus for the client. However, it can help brand recognition if you have a memorable colour. Sometimes it’s unavoidable that you need to fit a lot of information into a limited space (quarter page ad anyone?!). Instead of making your design even busier and confusing with a lot of colours, a one-color palette can help make a layout look cleaner and more organised.

The Magpie approach

Shiny, shiny, shiny! We’ve recently used metallic foil in a couple of projects – a Christmas card being a particular favourite. It’s bang on trend and helps branding identity and product design. The focus falls on the metallic effect which conveys luxury and class. We discussed the huge variety of print finishes in a recent PG Tips article and metallic foil finishes are definitely up there for being used in print a lot throughout 2020.

Typography crazy

Ooh we love typography! It lifts a brand and gives it a simple but modern look and feel. Using simple typography in design then lends itself to being decorated with a host of creative elements. Known as artistic typography, this trend is expected to flourish in 2020.

Maxi typography was used a lot throughout 2019 and we expect that this will continue throughout 2020. We’re thinking bigger is better when it comes to this. There’s a chance words will be split onto multiple lines making the reader stop and think about what they’re reading – classic customer engagement right there!


More and more we’re seeing the use of illustration in design projects. Illustration and graphic design have previously been perceived as two entirely separate creative fields. Usually, graphic design is more seen as a commercial art. Illustration is viewed mostly as a fine art. But more and more they are overlapping. Which isn’t a bad thing in our eyes.

We’re seeing 2 separate styles of illustrations in graphic design. Simple illustration and isometric illustration. Using illustration within design can often help to convey a concept or ideas, helping to better communicate a particular marketing or campaign message.

So, what is isometric illustration? An isometric illustration is a style of drawing which uses a technique called isometric projection. With isometric projection, any three-dimensional object can be depicted on a flat two-dimensional surface. This can then evolve into an animation making it an amazing, engaging visual. Isometric design is most definitely going to become a bigger trend throughout 2020 and beyond. Look out for our projects using it. We’re super excited.

Geometric designs

Everyone involved in graphic design and art will tell you – it all comes down to basic geometric shapes. This type of design spans so many areas in our lives. Right down to the streets we walk on. There’s even a conference dedicated to Highway Geometric design (the next one is June in Amsterdam if you fancy a trip!)

Anyway, we digress. Many designers are now looking to create simplicity in their design, so using plain geometric shapes is still one of the leading trends for 2020. Although geometric designs may look simple, they do actually require a lot of work. But the end result can be brilliant. So, there you have it. 2020 will be a year of simple yet very effective design. We can’t wait!

If you have a design project that you’d like some help with, please get in touch, we’re bursting with ideas.