Bringing your logo to life

Fun fact for you - history’s first recorded animator is Pygmalion of Greek and Roman mythology, a sculptor who created a figure of a woman so perfect that he fell in love with her and begged Venus to bring her to life. Every day is a school day!

Now while you may not be a Greek sculptor, you may well want to bring your logo to life. Studies show that people love seeing animations. In a crowded marketplace, an animated logo will help to give you a competitive edge. How? we hear you ask. Well, we’ve been creating animated logos for clients for a couple of years now so we’re happy to share our intel.

A dynamic logo will hold the attention of a website visitor more than a static one. Their attention is held by the initial movement and then waiting to see what it does next, thereby subconsciously increasing their engagement with your brand. Your website is there to help promote brand awareness so when potential customers land on your site, you are already increasing their interest in your brand. We all know that video is the way forward for both websites and social media, so if your site already contains video (if it doesn’t, it should!), an animated logo will complement it, giving you more brand consistency.

People connect in two ways – emotionally and intellectually.  Nostalgia plays a big part in an emotional reaction to animation as often people will relate it to a favourite cartoon from years gone by. A positive emotional connection to your logo and brand is what you want to aim for.

It’s important to do a quick fact find initially. Look at the analytics for your site. What is your bounce rate doing? If it’s over 50%, why are people leaving your site too quickly? Generally, it is because they’re not engaging with what they see. You want to capture their attention as soon as they land. Stats tell us that you have less than 15 seconds to do this. If you haven’t done within this timescale, it’s never going to happen. You should orchestrate everything you do to impress, inspire, and encourage your visitor to buy your product or service. It’s all about your first impression.

Interestingly, recent stats have revealed that businesses that use visual tactics to engage with customers can see an 80% increase in annual revenue. Now that’s a level of ROI that’s worth aiming for.

Success is… getting people to share your brand with others. Increased visibility should, in turn, lead to increased sales and revenue. When people react positively to your brand, they are far more likely to recommend and share it. That’s the holy grail of marketing; your customers sharing your message. Animated logos will help create brand recognition and build your reputation as an exciting, innovative business.

One of our favourite things is creative freedom. We’ve worked on a variety of animated logos for our clients, bringing their logos to life but always making sure it complements their brand. We would love to help you bring your logo to life, so get in touch and we can start creating some animation magic.