Less is more

Less is more

We have long said content is king. That has not changed over the last few years; however, it gets harder to create content that engages with your target audience.  Do you continue to churn out content or do you look at getting the most out of what you already have? Well, it wouldn’t be a Platinum Creative article without a film or music reference so here goes... we’re channelling our inner Jerry Maguire when we say Less is More. LESS IS MORE PEOPLE!

We are all slaves to SEO and Google. We’re programmed to write and publish as much content as we can as we think it will give us a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace. Let’s stop and take a breath. Yes, differentiation is key to giving you stand-out but providing industry expertise will give you the engagement you are looking for. Ever-evolving Google is now more focused on giving higher search rankings to good quality content that visitors engage with.  Blog posts that contain images, video, infographics etc, are far more likely to perform better than those that don’t contain any of these things.

Once you have created your content – where are you sharing it? Make it sure it shared on relevant platforms that appeal to your audience. Work with influencers who will share it on your behalf - people love getting a recommendation from an external source and it ensures your content is reaching your target audience.

Don’t get us wrong, there will be an initial flush of interest when you first start publishing content, and it will help visitor engagement and SEO. However, like most products, content will hit saturation point and it will start to have a negative effect.  People cannot cope with too much information on a constant basis, and it will become a turn off for them. You risk losing customers, rather than gaining them, with this approach. However, showing that you frequently update your content does help enhance your reputation.

Quality over quantity as the saying goes. Put more time into the quality of your content and you will get more out of it. Using long form content to talk about your business will engage visitors. Writing a lengthy piece that covers relevant, current industry topics, reassures customers that you’re experts within your industry (but make sure you don’t ramble!).  Case studies give real life examples that potential customers can relate to, so in turn, are far more likely to read.

Search engines love a bit of long form content. An article that takes 5 minute to read vs one that takes 1 minute, will always perform better. Remember, if you’re struggling to find something new to write about, you can update older content if there has been a significant change. Alternatively, you could create new content but link to a previous article. Visitors will be encouraged to see historical content and how you have evolved.

People have become very savvy when it comes to spotting businesses that are just in it for the money. Creating poor content in order to try and increase SEO rankings won’t fly with them. Generation Z want to believe in what they are buying and that your values align with theirs. Without creating the right quality content for the right audience, you risk damaging your brand.

We work with great copywriters who understand the value of quality content. We would love to review your website and help you create content that works.