Key marketing trends in 2021

Key marketing trends in 2021

So we’ve said ‘so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye’ to 2020 and we’re now staring down 2021. There has been a sea change in marketing activity, with businesses across the globe embracing digital like never before.

In the past, new year has generally meant new marketing plans. But how do we plan? In the last 10 months planning has become quite fluid, we’ve had to be reactive rather than pro-active. Marketing can often be cyclical but with ever-changing consumer behaviour, marketers need to be on their toes.

Agility – (not the type from Crufts)

Get warmed up! Being agile in 2021 is key. Agility isn’t anything new but it will be fundamental in 2021. Adapting your marketing swiftly and efficiently as consumer needs evolve will increase customer retention and should increase growth.

The businesses that have managed to reset themselves are the ones that will be successful, especially if they have managed to do it in a short timescale with less resource. We recently wrote about marketing in a crisis, highlighting that with less resource and reduced marketing investment, it’s important to look all aspects of marketing spend and activity. The ability to pivot your marketing strategy in difficult times will ensure that as a business, you stay relevant to your market.

Data, data, data

The much-coveted, holy grail of marketing. Marketers want customer data in order to shape campaigns and personalise customer experiences. Larger businesses have often had teams of researchers and analysts to manage customer data.

But new technologies are allowing data to be much more accessible and manageable. Marketing teams who have embraced these new technologies have gained a significant competitive edge. They are in a position to offer customers a personalised experience, which in turn leads to greater customer engagement.

Marketing teams that have the ability to understand customer data and adapt their marketing activity to reflect their behaviour are the ones that will be successful in 2021.

Perfecting personalisation

The ability to better understand data means there’s no excuse not to embrace personalisation. This last year has taught us that lack of physical human contact, has increased the need, and want, for personalisation. We’ve not had a stat yet in this article (!) so here goes – a whopping 72% of consumers say they will only engage with marketing activity that is personalised. In the current situation, by offering a tailored shopping experience to customers, you’re going to increase brand loyalty.

There has been much doom and gloom over the last year but if marketers use this access to data in the correct way, they can customise activity and messaging to make customers feel valued. Recommend purchases and give them stock level updates, use geographic data to give local lockdown level updates and share local store delivery information. It’s the small things that will help you retain customers. They want to know they buy from a business that cares about them and isn’t all about the hard-sell. Taking the time to understand what is important to your customers will be beneficial in the long run.

Digital focus

Digital has taken the world by storm over the last 10 years. Any successful business will have a solid digital marketing strategy in place. But 2021 will demand a first-class digital offering.

Using digital correctly makes marketing activity more agile, more cost-effective and more impactful.

We’ve already highlighted the importance of personalisation. Using digital to treat consumers as individuals rather than one giant demographic group is the key to success. Get to know your audience and their needs, nurture them and in turn, they will gain further trust in you and your brand.

Live Stream eCommerce

As we’ve said digital marketing will be the priority. But have you heard of live stream e-commerce? Yes, you read that right. We have been watching this trend from afar and it looks like it is going to be big!

A live ecommerce platform lets customers buy via live-stream i.e. purchasing exactly what they are viewing in real-time. Technology never ceases to blow our minds! Look at software that can be integrated into your website. Being seen to create better, faster customer shopping experiences can only be a positive.

So 2021? New year, new challenges. Keep focussed and share your goals with your agency. When we say ‘agency’, we mean us! We want to help you gain and retain a competitive edge and build greater brand loyalty. Come and talk to us, we’re with you every step of the way.