Content continues to be key

Content continues to be key

Content continues to be key 

If you follow us, you’ll know that we talk about content – A LOT.  

We’ve written several articles on content including ‘The great content debate’ as well as ‘Content - less or more?’ and ‘Hungry like the Wolf’.  

In these articles we talk about the importance of content, but how do you effectively plan your content marketing and how do you measure it to ensure it's working? If we had said 10 years ago, let customers come to you rather than approach them, you’d have thought we were mad. Sales teams would have been horrified (and nervous). But it is exactly what content marketing entails and is the precise reason why it is so effective at generating hot leads. 

What exactly is content marketing? 

Just to recap – content marketing is when you create and share content online in order to raise brand awareness of your company. Think of it as a virtual salesperson focussed on persuading a consumer to buy from you.  

Content marketing is all about positioning. Using blogs, social media and video, you can position yourself as an expert in your field. When a consumer wants to purchase an item or is trying to find a solution, they go to Google. And Google finds and lists you on the SERPs (search engine results page).  

Research by the?Content Marketing Institute has revealed that content marketing leaders experience nearly eight times more site traffic than non-leaders. That’s pretty impressive.  

Which leads us to the question of ‘How?’. How do you measure the success of your content marketing? There are several metrics you can you to determine if you’re getting ROI.  

Let’s talk metrics 

Luckily, there are lots of ways you can use to work out if your content marketing is effective or not. Below we’ve listed our top suggestions and given detailed info on how to use each of them. 

Starting with social 

It’s all about the social these days. If users are sharing your content online, you’re winning.  The main social media platforms will be able to provide you with data and analytics in terms of what is and isn’t’ being viewed and shared socially.  Reviewing this regularly will give you a clearer idea of what content people are engaging with, what content is “shareable” and what content isn’t cutting it. 

Web Traffic? 

Depending on the type of website you have, you should have access to analytics. Knowing where your visitors are coming from and what type of content they are looking for when they arrive means you can start to tweak it. Attracting new customers is just as important as engaging with existing customers so bear that in mind when looking at traffic sources.  

Which leads us nicely to Bounce rates…  

You may have read our article ‘Take out the bounce?’ – if not, take the time, it’s a goodie! Ultimately, we ask if you know how long users stay on your website? Recent stats tell us it’s less than 15 seconds on average. 15 seconds to capture, and hold, someone’s attention. Keeping an audience engaged in an increasingly busy online market is challenging to say the least.  

To help improve your bounce rate it’s important to take the time to understand why visitors are or aren’t, staying on your website. Looking at the analytics of your site will very quickly reveal how well it’s performing. You need to focus on dwell time. Visitors should want to take time to explore your site instead of immediately clicking off to find their info elsewhere. 

You’ll see a high bounce rate when people have navigated away from your website immediately after they arrived. This could be due a number of factors including slow-loading, a poor customer experience, or different content than they expected. 

Checking your bounce rate and taking the time to understand what is driving visitors away will let you fix the problem and give users a better online experience.  

Click through rate 

If you’ve gone to the effort of creating relevant content, you want people to click on the link! Are you convincing consumers to take the next step and buy from you or even visit your website?  Understanding and monitoring your click-through rate provides you with valuable data and insight into consumer behaviour. 

This could involve improving your persuasive writing skills, providing your audience with more value or simply improving your strategy when it comes to placing internal links.  

Keyword Rankings 

Keywords have come a long way since ‘Britney Spears’ was used to rank on Google!  When you first created your website, you will have created a list of keywords that were relevant for your audience. But your audience changes so it’s important to tweak some of those keywords by reviewing using software like Google Search Console. You can then update any keywords and in turn any content which should lead to better rankings. The important thing to note here is that keywords don’t remain static, so neither should your strategy or your content. 

Connect with visitors 

It’s one thing to make sure you’re getting a great CTR but if your visitors are not quite ready to buy, how do you keep your brand at the front of their mind? A serious buyer will be keen to connect with a brand that they feel they have synergy with. Doing something as simple as giving visitors the opportunity to leave you an email address so you can keep them up to date with deals, reviews and updates works wonders in fostering this business-to-consumer relationship. Customers will be able to see that you’re an industry expert and are more likely to return to your site to make their purchase in the future. Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor are just two of the email software programmes that can give you stats on consumer behaviour and help you build an email marketing list that will could grow your business exponentially in the long run. 

Get in touch for more content help!  

Here at Platinum Creative, we’re always happy to help you create content using great design to engage with your audience. We find that simple graphic, funny GIF or attractive email design can make all the difference in grabbing your audience's attention. Hopefully, your excellently written content will do the rest. Get in touch today and let’s get creative!