Knowledge is of no value

Knowledge is of no value

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice”

Anton Chekhov must have known a thing or two about knowledge graph panels. Or maybe the 19th century was a bit early…

We find that many of our clients aren’t aware of their Knowledge Graph Panel – and it’s a revelation when they realise just now powerful it is. 

For those of you who aren’t aware of the Knowledge Graph panel (let’s shorten it to KGP for the purposes of this article and the fact it’s extra typing for tired fingers!), it’s located on the search returns page on Google.  

Google introduced the Knowledge Graph in 2012. The core function of the KGP is to help users find new, relevant information as efficiently and swiftly as possible. *In October 2016, Google announced that the Google Graph encompasses 70 million facts.  That’s quite something. *thanks to google stats for that info.  

This panel may look innocuous, but it’ll do wonders for your SEO. Small but powerful; it contains information from all over the world wide web including your website, social media channels as well as your Google My Business entry. Many companies have not taken advantage of the KGP and its glaringly obvious in their SERPs (Search engine return pages). The stronger your business profile is on the web, the greater the impact of your Knowledge Graph Panel. We live in a world where we want information literally at our fingertips and the KGP gives you and your business the chance to engage with potential customers.

Google is quoted as saying about the benefits of the Knowledge Graph Panel; “Put your best face forward. Make sure your audience sees the most accurate, authoritative, and engaging information about you. You can suggest changes to info that shows up on Search, including images, stats, or other facts.”

So, what are the benefits for both users and businesses? We work with a variety of industries but the fundamental benefits of the KGP are the same for each and every one; 

Increased Visibility

First and foremost is that it helps the featured business to increase visibility on the SERPS.  We used to click on the top search result when we put a query into Google.  Let’s call that B-KGP (Before Knowledge Graph Panel). 

Now, where the KGP is located and given its prominence on the page, on a computer screen, it is likely to be the first thing people will see.  If it’s being viewed on a mobile device, it is almost definitely the first thing the user will see. 


Google prides itself on providing users with the most relevant, up to date information when they search.  Having a strong KGP will make your business appear established and trustworthy.  The perception being, that if Google has you in the panel then you are a reputable entity. 

Increased User Engagement

When your business is featured in a KGP, you can gain more engagement from potential customers. You’ve already established better visibility, but the knowledge panel includes your website and social media profile. In this social media era, millennials and Generation X are all about checking your social media profile to ensure they feel like they can connect with you. If a user wants to learn more about your business, they can immediately click through to your social media channels that are highlighted on the KGP. 

But what about the user experience?

Previously, when users searched on Google, they were given a long list of (sometimes!) relevant websites. However, with a KGP they can see maps, images, social media channels and read reviews. In an age where immediacy is the norm, users can get to the information they are looking for quicker than ever. 

So, where do you start?

  • Be consistent with your information when you’re updating the KGP - lack of consistency can dilute search results. 
  • Each and every time a new customer uses your services, ask them to leave a Google review regarding their experience.  The higher the number of good reviews the likely it is that you will have increased customer engagement.
  • If possible, you should include a phone number with the local area code. The local area code helps Google build trust.

The KGP is only as good as the information you put into it. It’s a great asset that can only enhance your business both in terms of reputation and driving customer engagement, and ultimately, increase sales.

If you would like to chat more about this article or about how we can help you then please get in touch.